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Jumpstart your wellness journey with Forever DX4, a four-day system that helps you reset your body and mind through a powerful combination of short-term fasting, guided food intake and six innovative new products only available in Forever DX4 alongside our classic Forever aloe vera gel to give you the supplemented support you need whilst restricting your calorie intake and achieving your lifestyle goals.  

  • Weight: 1900g

·        Easy to follow 4-day plan

·        Vegan/Vegetarian Protein

·        With choline to contribute to the maintenance of normal liver function

·        Make sure you have a minimum intake of two liters of water a day


Days 1-2 focus on restricting calories whereas days 3-4 focus on incorporating more healthy, green, solid foods into the diet. Throughout the 4-day program, you will reflect on how the body feels overall, how it reacts to the products, and what sorts of changes are noticed to help promote the mind-body connection. Maintaining adequate water intake is an essential component to this program, and therefore helps incorporate a habit for greater water intake after you have completed the program.


Each day of Forever DX4 is devoted to a theme: Decide, Define, Discover and Dedicate. Over those four days, you’ll be guided toward an increased mind-body connection for improved overall health.

Click here to read the detailed instructions of the DX4.

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